About Manara

Manara Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies is a distinguished academic institution offering studies of Islamic Jurisprudence, Arabic language, academic research, and social studies that focuses on the Muslims in the West.

Manara Institute was founded in 2015 (1437 AH) in the United States of America to meet the academic need of preparing qualified Imams, preachers, intellectuals, educators, and activists for Islam.

The main goal is to equip these professionals with a thorough and deep understanding of the true Islam. This will enable them to ward off doubts, learn and present a clear image of Islam and face the various challenges of their time. This in turn will help them interface and work with others on building a united world with a dignified humanity.

Institute Finances

The institute will go through several stages until it is able to finance its own buildings and all necessary facilities needed to reach its goals.

It will mainly rely on self-sufficiency through registration fees, tuitions and other means. Manara will also open the door to volunteering work in beneficial knowledge. Such good actions stays with the person after his death and upon meeting his Lord.