Manara Institute Mission and Objectives


The mission of Manara Institute is to build and prepare scholars and preachers who possess the correct knowledge of moderate (historical and contemporary) Islam and who are prepared to take their role in building human civilization through Islamic morals.


  • Educating a generation of scholars, researchers, and pious preachers with the genuine understanding of both their faith and life, and who are well prepared to lead the efforts of reforming and improving them both.
  • Preserving and spreading the knowledge of the Arabic language.
  • Spreading the knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence and the advancement of the teaching methods of Islamic studies according to time and place.
  • Developing academic research and deepening the principle of (IJTIHAD / diligence) to respond to the needs of people.
  • Preserving of Islamic heritage in the various studies of Islamic Law/Jurisprudence, and balancing of the inherited and the new.
  • Improving the duties of the Imams, preachers, and teachers in the areas of Islamic Law in accordance to what suits the era.
  • Advocating for special attention to women’s education and the advancement of their great role in education, advocacy, reform, and (society) building.
  • Providing distinguished care and resolution for the issues of the family and children.
  • Paying special attention to the reality of the Muslim community in America through scientific and field studies.
  • Reaching out to various religious institutions and collaborating with them on issues such as problem solving, the advancement of resources and improving capabilities.
  • Promoting the Muslim community in the West as a source of good, knowledge, and giving, and making it a vital part in a cooperative mission to solve current problems under the light of Islam and its guidance.