Admission Policy


Process to apply for Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees in Islamic Studies:

  1. Apply through website at the Apply Now tab.

  2. Manara Administration will add the applicant's email to Manara students email list. Then, an Admission Application will be emailed to the applicant.

  3. Admission Application and $75 application fee must be mailed to Manara at 409 Minnisink Rd, Ste#105, Totowa NJ 07512

  4. When the Admission Application and $75 are received by the office, and the application is approved for admission according to requirements, an invitation to a student orientation will be mailed with a welcome packet.

  5. Also upon the receipt of the Admission Application, a language placement test is scheduled for the student.

  6. Student must attend orientation and provide completed forms from welcome packet.

  7. After receiving the completed forms from the student, a class registration link will be available to the student to register. Class registration can be done during orientation also.


Program Requirements 


General requirements:

  1. $75 Application fee payable to Manara Institute

  2. Two letters of recommendation

  3. Academic Transcripts

  4. Graduate Transcripts if applicable

  5. Bachelor’s specific requirements for all students: All the above

  6. Bachelor’s or Master’s specific requirement for non-Arabic-speaking students: Enroll in and complete Manara’s Arabic as Second Language (ASL) program.

  7. Bachelor’s or Master’s specific requirement for non-English-speaking students: Enroll in and complete Manara’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

  8. Master’s specific requirements: All the above requirements and the following additional steps:

    1. An interview with the Dean of Graduate Studies.

    2. If the applicant’s previous degree is not in an Islamic or Arabic Studies related major, then the applicant is required to pass six prerequisite courses to qualify to enroll in the Master’s degree program.