Manara Institute – Disclaimer

Manara Institute is an academic institute that strives to build human civilization through Islamic morals. Manara wants to ensure that this generation and future generations are able to learn and understand a way to peacefully coexist with other cultures and religions. We promote peace and understanding among all. The institute consists of students and staff of different backgrounds; therefore, promoting a diverse and inclusive environment for people to study and work. The administration believes in equal opportunity in education and is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer who’s dedicated to attaining excellence through a diverse workplace and inclusive environment that inspires people to reach their full potential.

Manara Institute does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religious beliefs, gender, disability, marital status, language, or age in its programs and activities. We do not teach, encourage or tolerate racism, sexism, or any prejudice against any individual or group(s) of people. The administration prohibits discrimination, harassment, and assault based on gender in its programs and activities. Instead, it promotes enlightenment, open-mindedness, acceptance, and peace among all groups of people.

Manara works with many centers and organizations to help during times of need, which sometimes includes the examination of students who are out-of-state. While we cannot be there to proctor the exam, we trust these centers and organizations will follow our policies regarding testing. The administration does not approve of cheating, plagiarism, or any form of misconduct, violence, hate, extremism, and/or terrorism. Although we work with these centers and organizations, it does not necessarily mean that we share the same views. Any views held by employees, staff and students are not necessarily that of Manara Institute. Management will sever all relations with any individual or group(s) promoting racism, sexism, ageism, violence, hate, harassment, extremism, and/or terrorism. Any political views held by an individual associated with Manara are that of the individual and not that of the institution.

We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of our students, employees, and site visitors. All information obtained through Manara will not be given to a third-party. No personal information will be given to anyone without confirmation of their identity. No one is allowed access to another individual’s personal information without the consent of said individual. Management preserves the right to photograph and/or video-record students, faculty, staff, and guests while on institute property or during institute-sponsored events. The images, videos, and audio obtained may be used for promotional purposes, including use in any media advertising, publication, press release and/or social media channel. Anyone wishing not to participate is advised to either inform the photographer/videographer or the administration to remove him or herself from the area in question.

The administration reserves the right to make changes at any time and without notice, to tuition, fees, courses, programs, graduation requirements, policies, procedures and other matters. Changes may apply to prospective students as well as those who are currently enrolled. -The contents of the website are subject to change. Manara Institute reserves the right to repeal, change, amend, modify, add, or withdraw the contents herein without notice or obligation.