Manara Path to Licensure

Manara Institute since the launch of its operation, has been researching about how it can improve its status as a school.  After, finding out the right government office, and after learning what is needed to achieve that goal, Manara started preparing the Petition since January 2017.

The Petition is the document that the Office of NJ Commission on Higher Education require us to prepare and submit as to request to gain a higher education licensure, which will authorize us to award students who completed a specific program a certain academic degree, Associate, Bachelor, or Master. 

This Petition consist of two main parts, narrative & attachments.  The major content and material of the petition was submitted to our lawyer before the start of Ramadan 2017.  Lawyer reviewed it carefully on a longer period of time, where he made minor modifications and adjustment.  

Even though, that period of review and proof reading took longer time, now the petition is completed and will be submitted by the end of Oct 2017.

We are expecting for the whole process to be over before the end of Fall'17 semester.


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