Name Change Announcement

Name Change Announcement

Dear Manara Community,

As you may know, here at Manara we are always seeking to grow and progress to higher standards, so that we hold leadership position in our mission and be a source of knowledge and education in the Islamic Studies field for generations to come, inshaAllah.

Therefore and for that reason, we initiated the process to gain authorization from the NJ Commission on Higher Education.

In response to that initiation, we were advised to change the name of Manara University to Manara Institute, which will make us in good standing and in accordance with the NJ Commission on Higher Education.

Furthermore, this name change will put us on the right path toward gaining the proper authorization.

Therefore, we are officially announcing our new name to the public as Manara Institute for Islamic and Arabic Studies. (Manara Institute)

The name change is now reflected on all our portal and social networks.

Furthermore, be advised of the following address changes:




Office Email:




We will continue on the path to gain the Higher Education License and the accreditation, inshaAllah.

May Allah bless our work for Manara.  May Allah smooth this process and this path for Manara Institute and grant it success. Ameen

Your support to the Manara Institute mission and project is greatly appreciated.


Board of Trustees

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